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The breaking news from San Francisco early this morning, April 10, 2012, is that Facebook has bought its own photo maker, Instagram. The price will sound astounding, 1,000,000,0000 dollars, that’s 1 billion dollars. The enormous price will be paid to Instagram sellers in stocks and in cash. The enormous amount of money to paid for  [ Read More ]

Is Payday Loans For Real?

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You bet they are. The young lady in the video is proof that Payday Loans is real. Of a single mom with three children can get a loan online then why can’t you. As told the process is very simple. One just has to fill out the simple form that is provided, send it off  [ Read More ]

Just about everyone has heard of WordPress. It has truly revolutionized the way a lot of people make websites. In the past, most website owners either had to rely on hiring a full time webmaster, or, use a poorly made template. WordPress has made it a lot easier for the technologically challenged person to create  [ Read More ]

When people do not have money to pay bills, they turn to payday loans. A payday loan can help a consumer get by and pay their unexpected expenses. A payday loan company will give the consumer a short term loan in return for a postdated check. The loan company will then cash the check when  [ Read More ]

There are many ways to run a website these days on the internet, but if you’re new or just want a simple website solution, you can’t go wrong with WordPress. WordPress is blogging software that you install on a web server. It’s really popular because it’s stable, easy to install, and easy to customize. The  [ Read More ]

Are You Ready for a Laugh?

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With the world being a little tough right now, we all need a good laugh. The economy is in the dumps, many are unemployed and ends just are not meeting as they should. You can handle it one of two ways. The first one is cry, hide in your room and shut down. This is  [ Read More ]

Small business owners need the rights IT tools to make their businesses successful. They need computer software programmers to help them to build a software program that is based on their needs. These services can be found at Gigbucks.com today. The prices start at $5. By joining Gigbucks.com small business owners can view the ratings  [ Read More ]

The money is there

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We have the money that you need. If you are trying to make ends meet we understand how it can be. A single mother of three trying to pay her rent on time, and realizing that there is not enough money in her bank account can be stressful times. However with online payday loans we  [ Read More ]

2012 Best of Youtube

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A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square Funny practical joke from Belgium. Why Are You Asking All These Questions? Random guy ranting on relationships. Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize This young woman is talented. Facebook Dad Watch what you post on Facebook. Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall Here he breaks three records. PSY- Gangnam Style The video that  [ Read More ]

Quick money solution

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A little short of cash funds this month? Well take a little time and watch this video. It tells about the help you can get with a small cash loan. This young mother of three children got help and so can you. Payday Loan is easy to work with and they are there to help  [ Read More ]

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