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What to talk about at a date

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What to talk about at a dateChildren

Children aren’t always a great topic for a first date however it could lead you to find out if they want children after they’re married someday. This helps especially if you’re looking for a lifetime partner. Keep the conversation light and fun. If you’re in a restaurant and one of the customers has children you could say look at that little one isn’t he or she cute and ask do you ever plan to have children someday. It’s a great way to bring the topic to the surface.

Past Relationships

Past relationships are a touchy subject with some people so be very careful when bringing this topic up. Individuals may not want to discuss the topic of past relations and that’s okay don’t press the issue. If however they are open and want to talk freely listen to what they say because you could learn many things about how they deal with conflicts and how a relationship is viewed in their eyes. It’s also a great way to find out what they look for when in a commitment.

Talking About Breakups

If the other person says the relationship ended badly you could say “tell me more about it if you want”. Listen and try to place yourself in their shoes and how they felt at that particular time in their life. Sometimes having an ear and shoulder helps someone move past what hurt them previously.

Likes and Dislikes

Another tricky subject is likes and dislikes. What you might like your potential mate may dislike and when that happens all bets might be off. Then again you never know once you hear why the other person dislikes something so bad. It also teaches you not to do something that would offend the other person or it could help you earn their trust and provide you with an opportunity to become closer with them. Read more about dating conversation.

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