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Have a perfect holiday in Meemu Atoll, MaldivesThe Meemu Atoll is famed to have a reconstructed mosque that was built several hundreds of years ago by the legendary hero of the Maldives, the Sultan Ghazi Muhammad Thakurufaanu. The mosque was built in the island called Kolhuvaariyaafushi, beyond which the boat of the sultan had wrecked during a trip in which he was visiting the inhabited islands of Meemu Atoll.

Also, a few islands have been abandoned, their populations consolidated over the years, leaving houses to crumble and ruin. These islands are hauntingly beautiful, and can be visited by travellers on safari boats and other islands by paying a small visiting fee.

One such island is Thuvaru, which was abandoned in the early 70s. Now leased to farmers, this island has lovely beaches and a shallow lagoon, and a flockĀ  of herons that seem to have made the island their home.

The best time to visit Meemu Atoll is pretty much around the year, but depending on what you want to experience, you can make a choice. July to October is the best for surfing in this atoll, while October to March is usually high season, and things are a bit more expensive and locations might get crowded. This period is also when the Maldives experiences the best weather.

April to October is supposed to be the rainy season. While the seas can get rough and travelling can be a little arduous, prices are much lower, and generally, Meemu atoll experiences a rush of new growth in foliage, much like spring. Learn more about having a vacation in Meemu Atoll.

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