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micro_jobsOne thing that I have always loved doing is making videos. I made videos from the time I was young, to this very day! The only difference between then and now is that I am actually making money with my passion. Shooting video has given me the amazing opportunity to make money at home, while at the same time do something that I love doing. The only problem is that it is getting more and more competitive, and prices for advertising are getting higher and higher. Gigbucks came around right when I needed them the most.

I was able to put my services up on their website, and also show people a sample of my work. I love the fact that I was able to put my best foot forward, and let Gigbucks take it from there. I really think the reason why their system works so well is because they offer a place for different business to place their services in a variety of different niches. All types of people are going to be going there, and they are going to be seeing your service, even if that is not what they came there for in the first place! It is like having a store in the mall, and benefiting from all of the extra foot traffic that you would not have received if you were in some building all by yourself. The system works great, and it is allowing me to reach new customers that can write testimonials, spread the word, and get me more referral traffic.

I set different price points for my different products, and that allows me to attract new customers, offer bonuses and one time offers, and simply become more creative with my services and marketing techniques. Like I said, the system works, and I am glad that I have found a home with Gigbucks.

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