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The Meemu Atoll is famed to have a reconstructed mosque that was built several hundreds of years ago by the legendary hero of the Maldives, the Sultan Ghazi Muhammad Thakurufaanu. The mosque was built in the island called Kolhuvaariyaafushi, beyond which the boat of the sultan had wrecked during a trip in which he was  [ Read More ]

One thing that I have always loved doing is making videos. I made videos from the time I was young, to this very day! The only difference between then and now is that I am actually making money with my passion. Shooting video has given me the amazing opportunity to┬ámake money at home, while at  [ Read More ]

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So What Exactly Is A Sugar Daddy?

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A “Sugar Daddy” is basically a man that is dating or seeing a younger woman, who is often not very physically or emotionally attracted to the man, but is dating him because of the fact that he is rich, or can offer her a lot of stuff that she would not be able to get  [ Read More ]

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